Malopolska School Of Hospitality


Malopolska School Of Hospitality – Prestigious Schooling. It’s every parent’s desire to have his child taught in a reputed school with modern learning facilities and the highest teaching standards.


Have you known that nowadays, during the crisis, despite the decline in birth rate, schools with tradition but at the same time full of innovations and open to civilization changes, are able to function perfectly? These are the schools which advance robustly, modernize and educate in the fields of studies consistent with the needs of the job market.

Tytus Chałubiński High School Complex MALOPOLSKA SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY in Myślenice is an establishment with over 50 years of tradition. It continually endeavours to create more and more perfect methods of development, enjoys a good reputation and unflagging interest. Our school opens for the students the career doors, but besides imparting knowledge, it emphasizes the important aspect of the youth’s upbringing.

The school comprises: Touristic and Gastronomic Technical College (hotel industry technician, travel services technician, nutrition and food services technician), Secondary School, Vocational College of Tourism and Health (ergotherapy, medical carer), Małopolski Vocational Development and Training Centre and boarding school. The supervising authority is Malopolska Voivodship. The school has at its disposal the assembly hall with a stage and comprehensively equipped, adjusted to accommodate various ventures. This is where not only school ceremonies, but different galas are held (for example: Dziennik Polski’s Gala of The Teacher Of Malopolska), training courses or special events as well. Furthermore, the school offers a smaller conference hall, used for trainings, seminars and lectures. The school’s community may use (and very willingly does) the school’s canteen, which currently only a few establishments of this kind in Poland owns. Modernized boarding school can accommodate almost 100 students is double and triple rooms with bathrooms. In September 2013 modern gastronomic workrooms were commissioned, where students of the Technical College have their practical training and also improve their professional skills under the watchful eyes of the special guests – chefs of recognized restaurants and prestigious hotels – during demonstrations and workshops. By May 2014 refurbishment of other workrooms for practical teaching will have been finished.

Malopolska School Of Hospitality collaborates with experts, and hires many of them as well. Among others, thanks to the new Core Curriculum and cooperation within “Modernization Of Vocational Training in Malopolska” project, students of Technical College can choose barista(?) specialization, which is not available in any other secondary school in Poland. Furthermore, there are many courses organized, starting from bartender course, through world’s kitchen workshops, basis of sommelier, barista, carving, therapeutic massage, ending with art therapy and sign language.

School organizes series of special events concerning various areas of educational and extracurricular activities. These include academic lectures, workshops and many others. Besides classes, our youth also attends extracurricular activities, scientific clubs and special interest groups. The students are also involved in voluntary service, which outstandingly develops empathy, interpersonal relations, self-improvement and intentions of social actions.

In 2013/2014 school year almost 750 students are being educated, about 80 teachers are hired, and interest in attending our schools continues to grow. Our establishment cooperates with schools from Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, universities and business partners from all over the world, which gives our students the opportunity to improve their professional preferences. The apprenticeships are held in luxurious hotels and restaurants not only in Poland, but in European countries as well.

Presently, the complex of buildings is under general modernization (worth 15 million zlotych), to become the most modern school in Malopolska, and maybe in entire Poland.